It’s cold outside. You’d think I’d be inside more often and thus reading more books. Alas, I seem to be moving around more and more, and reading less. Curses!

David Sedaris – Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
David Sedaris, you cheeky monkey. Sedaris has been a regular read for me since I stumbled upon a copy of “Me Talk Pretty One Day” a few years ago. I love his style of writing, and I love the stories he chooses to tell. SSC is entirely different from Sedaris’ usual set of personal stories told in great and hilarious details. It is entirely a work of fiction, featuring animals displaying tons of human behaviour. It’s funny and there are some stand-out stories in there (Owl & Hippopotamus, anyone?), but if you’re looking for classic Sedaris, it’s not quite the place to go. A good read (and an incredibly quick one at that – you could read this one between meals), but not his best work. Well illustrated, though!

Steven Galloway – The Cellist of Sarajevo
I wasn’t sure if I would end up writing about this one since Matt already reviewed it back in September, but if I skipped one book, I’d start skipping a bunch, and then this would all go to hell. Speaking of going to hell, this book took me there, but in a tremendous way. Galloway’s re-imagining of the siege of Sarajevo is a beautifully sad story, made only sadder as the book goes on. Three characters lose their sense of identity to a useless civil war, as they watch their city crumble all around them. This book is a great read, simple as that. It’s won a bunch of awards, and it deserved them all. Go read it if you want to be unusually sad.

Read on, lovely readers!