Fire Safety and the Benefits of Health and Safety Training

During a fire the situation can be intense and chaotic. If workers do not know what procedures to follow during a fire someone could get seriously injured or lose their life. As an employer it is your responsibility and duty to provide this crucial fire safety information to your workers. By doing so it could enable the fire to be put out quickly and efficiently and avoid extensive damage to company property. It could also allow them to get away to safety if the fire is too big and powerful to control. Fire safety information can be provided to your workers through regular sessions of health and safety training. Below are some of the useful tips that are taught during health and safety training.

If a fire breaks out workers should try and contain it if it is small enough to handle. This will prevent more lives from being at risk and will minimize property damage. Workers should exit the building from the closest fire exit if there is a fire. Workers should be aware of all fire exits in the building. Safety Training should provide a map of the building with fire exits are labelled so workers will know where they are located. Most buildings have these maps put up near elevators and stairwells so people known how to exit the building safely during a fire. Never use an elevator while there is a fire in the building. Workers should be aware of how to use a fire extinguisher. Health and safety training will teach workers how to use a fire extinguisher to put out a fire. Pull, aim, squeeze and sweep are the most important steps to utilizing a fire extinguisher.

If smoke has entered the hallways and it is hard to see or breathe health and safety training outlines that you should crawl on your hands and knees because there is more oxygen and less smoke towards the ground. If it is possible you should soak a cloth or paper towel in water and cover your mouth and nose to prevent and smoke or fumes from getting into your lungs. If you need to open a door touch the door to feel if the fire is on the other side of the door. If you open the door without checking you can cause the fire to spread. Health and safety training involves practicing fire drills so that people know what actions and procedures to follow in a real fire emergency. Make sure to help senior citizens and anyone disabled during a fire. Fire safety equipment such as air horns, megaphones and fire extinguishers should be easily accessible in an emergency situation.

Fire Safety DVDs, posters and booklets are recommended for proper health and Safety Training in the workplace. By visualizing fire safety procedures through watching the DVDs workers will be able to absorb the knowledge easier. Fire safety posters should be hung in stairwells and rooms that store highly flammable chemicals. By putting these precautionary safety training measures in place you will reduce the chances of a fire occurring.

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